I have been using Snore No More for several weeks. I use the oil and diffuser 1 hr before bed which calms the room and creates a soothing aroma. It runs for a few more hours where I don’t wake up with a snore or gasp! It seems to soothe my nose and throat and helps to relax those muscles. The oil is working for me. Finally relief, and has a wonderful fragrance too!
— Eileen F., Atlanta, GA

Our house had been on the market for almost a year, had two offers that fell through, one a buyer who wanted us to make an enormous amount of changes.  We were getting so frustrated.  We spoke with you and you told us about your “Sell My House” product and immediately got some from you.  It not only filled the air with such a refreshing and inviting feeling but attracted a buyer within 2 weeks! who gave us full price and wanted to move in as soon as possible.  It was exhilarating!  And we believe a big factor in the “turnaround” was your “Sell My House” product.  We highly recommend it, as well as your Feng Shui services and expertise!
— Dee T. from Atlanta, GA

We used Gazelle’s essential oil mixture Sell My House at the first open house we held when selling our home without an agent. By the end of the day, we had three offers. One was for full price, the others were 10k and 11k over the asking price. The scent subtly suggests cleanliness, lightness and warmth all at once. I believed it was a motivating factor to the buyers. Thanks, Gazelle Feng Shui!
— Deborah T. from Decatur, Ga

I’ve been meaning to email you! We sold the house within 45 days at almost asking price. I’m confident the oils and feng shui made all the difference again. We are closing next week. Thank you again for all of your help!
— Katie H. from Louisiana