In the world of holistic health, there are many modalities that can assist people in bringing about positive change. Aromatherapy is one that is beautiful to experience, and powerful in creating an environment that supports and assists you.

Gazelle Aromatics was created so that people could have access to aromatherapy blends to address their specific needs. In fact, the company evolved as a spin-off of Gazelle Feng Shui, owned and operated by Tracy Miller. After years of serving residential and business clients, Tracy realized a space isn’t energetically complete unless the scent of the environment is also correct and appealing. Tracy has many years of experience working with essential oils and holds a Certificate from the Heal Center taught by Aromatherapy expert, Roz Zollinger.

Gazelle Aromatic’s essential oil blend, Sell My House, is our first offering. After testing this scent, our experience was astonishing — clients reported how well buyers were responding to it. Several buyers mentioned at the closing table that they remembered the house due to the beautiful scent.

Since that first offering, we have grown to include several very popular products—Snore-No-More diffuser blend, our Office Aromatherapy Roll-On Kit, and Brio room spray have all been best sellers.

We are happy to talk with you about any issue you have that would benefit from a custom aromatherapy scent. You can contact us via email at info@gazellearomatics.com or call us at 919-891-9088. We look forward to talking with you!